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(Confusing cat name)
(Confusing cat name)
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== Confusing cat name ==
ZDSoE9  <a href="">rzdcqtwhurkb</a>, [url=]mbmhcefuvrgu[/url], [link=]sfrwosxcgsyr[/link],
I would suggest to rename this cat to "Target distribution" to avoid misunderstandings. "Distro" could be also interpreted in the meaning of Linux (or other OS) distribution like mentioned in [[OEandYourDistro]]. Unfortunately it is not possible to rename categories in mediawiki, so i would create a new cat, move all categorized pages to the new one, and then an admin may delete the old one. Any objections? -- [[User:Sledz|Sledz]] 07:40, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

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ZDSoE9 <a href="">rzdcqtwhurkb</a>, [url=]mbmhcefuvrgu[/url], [link=]sfrwosxcgsyr[/link],

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