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* Florian Boor
* Florian Boor
* Denis Carikli (GNUtoo)
* Denis Carikli (GNUtoo)
* Robert Schuster (rschuster, thebohemian)
* Robert Schuster (rschuster/thebohemian)
== Hotels ==
== Hotels ==

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Attending FOSDEM 2010? Add your name to this page so that other developers can look out for you!

  • Phil Blundell
  • Henning Heinold
  • Marco Cavallini
  • Frans Meulenbroeks (eFfeM)
  • Ulf Samuelsson
  • Marcin Juszkiewicz
  • Alessandro Gardich (gremlin)
  • Florian Boor
  • Denis Carikli (GNUtoo)
  • Robert Schuster (rschuster/thebohemian)


Although FOSDEM itself takes place at the ULB campus, most folks prefer to stay nearer the city centre.

The Astrid has traditionally been the default choice for OE developers, though there are many other hotels in the area. If you are staying in a hotel other than the Astrid, feel free to add it to this section for the benefit of others.

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