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* '''garnet''' (VM at OSUOSL)
* '''garnet''' (VM at OSUOSL)
** 1GB RAM, 100GB of disk space, 2CPU
** 1GB RAM, 100GB of disk space, 2CPU
** admins: [[User:Mickey|Mickey]], Zecke, [[User:Cbrake|cbrake]], rwhitby, khem, staff,OSUOSL staff
** admins: [[User:Mickey|Mickey]], Zecke, [[User:Cbrake|cbrake]], ka6sox, khem, staff,OSUOSL staff
= Services =
= Services =
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** IRC ciabot
** IRC ciabot
** commit bot
** commit bot
** [ Source Mirror]
** [ Bugzilla] (mysql)
** [ Bugzilla] (mysql)
* '''linuxtogo'''
* '''linuxtogo'''

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Notes on the OE project infrastructure


  • linuxtogo
    • admins: Nils, Florian, Mickeyl, mhentges
  • amethyst (server owned by Mickey)
    • admins: Mickey, RP, laforge, Rolf, Koen, clarson, Leon, cbrake
  • melo (VM at OSUOSL, donated by nslu2-linux project)
    • admins: Mickey, Zecke, RP, cbrake, Rolf, khem, rwhitby, staff,OSUOSL staff
    • backups: daily by cbrake using rsnapshot (3 rotating daily snapshots).
      • /etc, /home/git, and /README
      • bugzilla and Tinderbox mysql databases are dumped and backed up
    • 1.5GB RAM, 50GB of disk space, 2CPU
    • MySQL databases are stored on a separate high availability DB server
  • garnet (VM at OSUOSL)
    • 1GB RAM, 100GB of disk space, 2CPU
    • admins: Mickey, Zecke, cbrake, ka6sox, khem, staff,OSUOSL staff


Other topics

The OE infrastructure is donated and maintained by

  • Mickey (amethyst server)
  • Harald Welte (hosting)
  • (maillists)
  • (Melo server)
  • BEC Systems (donated CPU for Melo server)
  • OSUOSL (co-locates the Melo server and associated infrastructure)
  • (Group that maintains and admins the infrastructure used by the Melo and Garnet servers)
  • EUKREA Electromatique (donated 3 HD for OSUOSL infrastructure)

Please considering donating to support this project.

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