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* Sprint: merge .dreambox, get llvm to build, get llvm-cross working, pycurses angstrom setup gui
* Sprint: merge .dreambox, get llvm to build, get llvm-cross working, pycurses angstrom setup gui

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[edit] Venue

GMIT GmbH Novalisstrasse 10 10115 Berlin Germany

[edit] Schedule

time: Oct 6th - Oct 10th

  • arrivals / coding sprint: Oct 6th - Oct 7th
  • technical discussions / presentations: Oct 8th - Oct 9th
  • departures / coding sprint: Oct 10th

[edit] List of people

  • Holger 'zecke' Freyther
  • Rolf 'Laibsch' Leggewie
  • Richard Purdie [Oct 7 - Oct 10] - Honigmond RH - Flight arrives 19:30
  • PHilipp Zabel * Rodrigo Vivi [Oct 5 - Oct 10] - Honigmond RH - Flight arrives 12:45
  • Gerwin van der Kruis * Michael 'Mickey' Lauer [Oct 8 - Oct 10]
  • Marcin 'hrw' Juszkiewicz - [Oct 6 - Oct 10] - Casa Holger - Bus arrives ~12 at Alexanderplatz - I will go to the office directly.
  • Stelios S. Koroneos [Oct 7 - Oct 10] - Flight arrives 10:10
  • Koen Kooi - [Oct 5 - Oct 10] - Casa Holger - Train arrives 13:18
  • Henning Heinold (woglinde)
  • Florian Boor [Oct 7 - Oct 10] - Flight arrives 21:10
  • Graeme (XorA) Gregory [Oct 5 - Oct 11]- Honigmond RH - Flight Arrives 12:45 - Flight Leaves 13:30
  • Daniel Willmann (alphaone)
  • Philip Balister (Crofton) [Oct 5 - Oct 10] - Hotel * Gästehaus Berlin Mitte * - Flight arrives 10 AM
  • Jonas Hurrelmann (jott) * Uli Luckas [Oct 9]
  • Jan Lübbe (shoragan)
  • Henryk Plötz
  • please drop zecke an email if you plan to come

[edit] Quartiers

inks for rooms in walking distance (same street as the office)

  • zecke's flat. I think I can host four of you (5-10 minutes walk to the office)
  • [1]
  • [2] further away (a longer walk)
  • [3]

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Top Level Items

  • Creating a Foundation. Who is goint to prepare the paper work? zecke and florian could do that
  • Should we hold a sprint? Should we do user presentations?
  • Reconsider changing SCM

[edit] 2007.10.08

[edit] [09:55] Assign note taker to collect and publish minutes

[edit] [10:00] Welcome Branch

[edit] [11:00] Review of last years work

[edit] [11:30] Discuss and adjust agenda

[edit] [12:00] OE Foundation, what was done, what is needed, how to proceed and where to create it

[edit] [13:30] Lunch

[edit] [15:30] OpenEmbedded User Presentations

[edit] OpenMoko
[edit] Indt/Mamona
[edit] Tarent
[edit] DigitalOpsis

[edit] [17:30] Solutions for vendor discussion

[edit] Stable release
[edit] SDK
[edit] Distro's
[edit] Target Hardware issues

[edit] 2007.10.09

[edit] [10:00] Technology

[edit] update-alternatives of ipkg
[edit] distro generic
[edit] clean staging(?)
[edit] getting image in-between task-base and task-boot?
[edit] General strategy how to get things smaller
[edit] Features tied to boards on e.g. gumstix
[edit] Quality Issues

[edit] [13:30] Lunch

[edit] Infrastructure

[edit] Autobuilder
[edit] Maintainers
[edit] How to deal with the wiki

[edit] To Be Done

  • Prepare paper-work for an e.V.
  • Plan one day for the general assembly of the e.V.
  • Decide on the Agenda.
  • Should we hold a sprint? What would be the topic? QA, Angstrom polishing, doing our first stable release, creating a GUI for BitBake/OE?
  • Sprint: merge .dreambox, get llvm to build, get llvm-cross working, pycurses angstrom setup gui
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