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OpenEmbedded Developers

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Below is the list of developers that currently have commit access to OE git repos.

Please list in alphabetical order, format: Name (git_key_name)

  •  ??? quickdev
  • Andrea Adami (andrea_adami)
  • Bernhard Guillon (bernhard_guillon)
  • Carsten Haitzler (carsten_haitzler)
  • Chris Larson (kergoth)
  • Cliff Brake (cbrake)
  • Denis Carikli (denis_carikli)
  • Denys Dmytriyenko (denys_dmytriyenko)
  • Dirk Opfer (dirk_opfer)
  • Dmitry Baryshkov (dmitry_baryshkov)
  • Elena Grandi (elena_grandi)
  • Erik Hovland (erik_hovland)
  • Florian Boor (florian_boor)
  • Frans Meulenbroeks (frans_meulenbroeks)
  • Graeme Gregory (xora)
  • Henning Heinold (henning_heinold)
  • Holger Freyther (zecke)
  • Jeremy Laine (jeremy_laine)
  • Julien Cassignol (julien_cassignol)
  • Junqian Gordon Xu (xjqian)
  • Kalev Lember (kalev_lember)
  • Koen Kooi (koen)
  • Kristoffer Ericson (kristoffer_ericson)
  • Leon Woestenberg (leon_woestenberg)
  • Lukas Gorris (lukas_gorris)
  • Marcin Juszkiewicz (hrw)
  • Mark Brown (mark_brown)
  • Michael Lauer (mickeyl)
  • Mustafa Yuecel (mustafa_yuecel)
  • Otavio Salvador (otavio_salvador)
  • Oyvind Repvik (oyvind_repvik)
  • Paul Sokolovsky (pfalcon)
  • Phil Blundell (phil_blundell)
  • Philip Balister (crofton)
  • Phillip Zabel (phillip_zabel)
  • Richard Purdie (rpurdie)
  • Robert Schuster (robert_schuster)
  • Rolf Leggewie (rolf)
  • Roman Khimov (roman_khimov)
  • Sergey Lapin (sergey_lapin)
  • Stanislav Brabec (stanislav_brabec)
  • Stefan Schmidt (stefan)
  • Steffen Sledz (steffen_sledz)
  • Thomas Kunze (thomas_kunze)
  • Tim Ellis (tim_ellis)
  • Tom Rini (tom_rini)
  • Yuri Bushmelev (yuri_bushmelev)
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