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Since transitioning to OpenEmbedded-Core, much of the content of the OpenEmbedded wiki has gone stale. We now need to embark on a process of updating it to reflect the current state of the project.

This project will consist of two phases:

1. Identify outdated pages

Each outdated page needs to have the Outdated template to each one. You can do this by inserting {{Outdated}} at the top of the page markup.

2. Go through pages marked for deletion

For the pages in the Candidates for speedy deletion category:

* Delete the spam-cleared ones immediately
* Sanity check the others before deleting

3. Update/delete outdated information

Go through the pages in the Outdated category and update / delete outdated information.

If you've only updated part of the page you can change {{Outdated}} to {{OutdatedWIP}} to change the notice at the top to reflect that.

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