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Location and Time

March 27-28 (after ELC and Yocto Project Developer Day)

2315 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95131

Google maps suggests getting off light rail at the Component Station.

Start at 0900 each day.


Now that people are already claiming to attend by Google Hangout, I will announce our intention to also webcast via Google Hangout ;)


  • Philip Balister (Crofton)
  • Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  • Armin Kuster (Armpit)
  • Martin Jansa (JaMa) - 50%
  • Michael Halstead (halstead) - Friday only
  • Jeff Osier-Mixon (jefro)
  • Paul Eggleton (bluelightning)
  • Steve Arnold (nerdboy/mr_science)
  • Stephanie Lockwood-Childs (wormo/sjl) - via hangout
  • Ron Lockwood-Childs (speedy1) - via hangout
  • Herb Kuta
  • Tim Orling (moto-timo)
  • Sean Hudson (darknighte)
  • Bruce Ashfield (zedd) - probably
  • Mark Hatle (fray)
  • Sona Sarmadi
  • Changhyeok Bae
  • BelĂ©n Barros Pena (belen) - via hangout
  • Richard Purdie (RP) - via hangout
  • Ken Sharp

Agenda Items

  • X Progress on items identified during OEDAM 2014
  • X Security processes
  • X Infrastructure
  • X Removing the oe-core and meta-oe repos on github. These repos are now called openembedded-core and meta-openembedded/
  • X People still use OE-classic from time to time. Should we remove the repo?
  • X Layer maintenance
  • X Demos
  • >>> Patch review tools, improving the patch process
  • Development cycle
  • Community Development / Team Building (please add more examples/ideas... almond flour cake is always good...)
    • Intro / crash course events
    • Coordinated bug day sprints
    • Other group/meetup activities
    • Stack Overflow support
  • Tests

Notes (in progress)

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